Monday, 10 March 2014

Belmore Court Manager Features in NITB Campaign

Belmore Court and Motel’s owner Terry McCartney has discovered a new role in life. Not only is he a motelier but a TV Ad campaign star! Those who have seen the new Discover Northern Ireland Spring 2014 promotional ads will be familiar with Terry’s starring role. For those who haven’t you can take a peak;

Entitled ‘Discover the People, Discover the Place’ it is voiced over by Hollywood star and Ballymena boy Liam Neeson. Terry describes his involvement as evolving from a simple phone call from the Ad agency behind the campaign. They wanted to speak to people in Fermanagh about Fermanagh. Terry spoke about the county, his business at Belmore Court and Motel and about his hobbies which include photography and the locations in the county where he goes to take pictures.

Later that evening he received a call asking him to participate in the Ad campaign regarding Fermanagh, which he agreed to. Seven days later he met up with the production team at Crom Estate at 8am and the Ad was explained further to Terry. We’re assured that he was fully prepared for this strenuous day of filming by enjoying bacon butties with the crew prior to filming the documentary style Ad. They had invited another photographer along for the day, Eunan from Leitrim, with the aim being to show what Fermanagh was like, matching photographer with photographer and showing the beautiful sites of Fermanagh.

At Crom Estate they met John from the National Trust who has five generations of family living on the estate. They were given a tour and moved on to have lunch on the Lady of the Lake cruiser. Their skipper Frank took them out on Lough Erne and gave them a tour of Fermanagh’s Lakelands. Terry says that Eunan “couldn’t believe the breath taking beauty” of Fermanagh. On their boat trip they made their way towards Devenish Island. They saw the interpretive centre and returned to shore a little damper than when they had begun their journey. To end their day went to Blakes of the Hollow where they discussed the day’s activities. Terry believes Eunan was more than impressed with Fermanagh and was happy to return home and tell people about it. It was Terry’s “pleasure to show him Fermanagh, everything from its beauty, its scenery to the craic and the good food and pubs on offer.”

The Ad has already started being showing on TV and there are three versions of the Ad available. There is also a more detailed three minute look at the Fermanagh Ad with Terry and Eunan available online.

Feel free to visit us at the Belmore Court and Motel to take in the beauty of Fermanagh for yourself and keep an eye out for Terry coming to a TV screen or billboard near you! Please refrain from drawing moustaches amongst other things on his campaign, some friends of the Belmore Court and Motel are threatening not to be so kind!

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