Thursday, 21 March 2013

Can we help with your wedding accommodation requirements?

Your wedding is the most important event in your life. To make sure your wedding plans stay on track, you’ll want to source the best venue.  Enniskillen is popular for weddings with excellent venues within Fermanagh. 

With summer and a new wedding season quickly approaching, we couldn’t help but feel it is the perfect time to advise at the Belmore Court and Motel, we can't help with the ballroom and wedding dinner, but we can offer you a low cost accommodation for your guests. We know that your wedding day will be the most memorable moment of your life and we want your guests to cherise the day as well.

A recent survey carried out by came up with the following results

Releasing results of over 1700 users in Januuary 2013

  • 4 out of 10 couples spend over £20,000.00 on their wedding
  • over 25% of those planning their wedding have childrfen already
  • More than hlaf of the brides are over 30 years old
  • August is the most popular month for weddings
To see full results

 We understand that not only is a wedding an expensive venture for the bride and groom and families it can also become expensive for guests of the wedding.

We recently designed the following flyer, with distances from local wedding venues to the Belmore Court and Motel, offering a lower cost accommodation rate for your guests attending your wedding locally. 

Contact our reception team on 028 6632 6633 for further information.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Enniskillen Celebrates Purple Flag Renewal

In November 2011 Enniskillen was honoured to be one of only four recipients from Northern Ireland and nine in the whole of the UK who were awarded a Purple Flag. This is the new “Gold Standard” that recognises towns and cities that provide great entertainment, hospitality and a safe night out.

Purple Flag has been developed by the Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM) and is backed by Government, Police and Businesses and supported by Diageo GB. It has become established as a quality standard that recognises excellence in entertainment and hospitality areas at night. Purple Flag has been designed as an objective assessment of five key elements of a town’s night time offer, between the hours of 5.00pm and 5.00am. It also aims to raise the standard and broaden the appeal of town/city centres during the evening and night.

Having achieved the Purple Flag in 2011, the local Working Group, led by Fermanagh District Council, had to prove that the town continues to offer a positive experience to night time visitors and users. Just as Blue Flag is an indicator of a good beach and Green Flag a good park, Purple Flag is the indicator of where to go for a good night out.

Fermanagh District Council continued to lead the Enniskillen Purple Flag Working Group, which includes Council Officers and representatives of Fermanagh Lakeland Tourism, PSNI, Dept of Social Development and Fermanagh Retail Licensed Trade. The Working Group were delighted to receive notification from ATCM that Enniskillen’s Purple Flag would be renewed for another year. Welcoming the news of Enniskillen’s success, a spokesperson for the Enniskillen Purple Flag Working Group commented:

“We are delighted that Enniskillen, our County town, continues to be recognised as a quality evening destination and awarded the Purple Flag for another year. Our evening and night time economy has always been an important aspect of our tourism product, but we will not be standing still and will continue to work with our partners to develop and improve Enniskillen’s visitor experience”

For further information contact:

Mr Eddie McGovern
Fermanagh District Council
+ 44 (0)28 6632 5050

Friday, 1 March 2013

New breakfast - Hot options

Following our coninuous guest feedback we introduced a number of hot options to our popular healthy continental style breakfast at Belmore Court & Motel.

A continental breakfast is a light morning meal that is provided by many hotels and motels. It traditionally includes bread products, fruit juice and hot beverages. The Belmore Court & Motel also include other types of food, such as cereal, and fruit. Our breakfast is presented in a buffet, from which guests can help themselves, rather than being served to the guests like it would be in a restaurant.

Origin of the Term

The term "continental breakfast" refers to the continent of Europe and distinguishes this simple breakfast from an English breakfast, which typically consists of more food and often includes meats, cereals, fruits and even vegetables in addition to bread products, juice and hot beverages. It also is convenient for travelers who might not have time for a sit-down meal in the morning before needing to continue on their journey.

Serving Procedure

Our continental breakfast is provided in our breakfast room, from 7am to 10am during the week and 7.30am to 10.30am at the weekend. The food is placed on a large table or counter, and amenities such as plates, bowls, forks, spoons and knives are made available. There are tables and chairs where guests can sit and eat.


The bread products that are included in a continental breakfast include toast, croissants, scones and wheaten. Pancakes or buns maybe included seasonaly. Butter, assorted jams and marmalades and other toppings, such as chocolate spread, are available.


Juices and hot beverages are included in our continental breakfast. Orange juice, apple juice and cranberry juice are chilled. Espresso, Capuccino, black coffee and tea usually are also provided. Hot chocolate is be available for children or for guests who do not drink coffee or tea.

Fruits and Cereals

Belmore Court & Motel provides fruit such as bananas, apples, oranges and kiwis. Grapefuit segments, prunes and fresh fruit salad is also available. 12 different types of breakfast cereal and milk are provided. Varieties of instant porridge satisfy most tastes.

Hot Options

Recently we have added 'Hot Options'. These include boiled eggs, pork sausages and back bacon. Floury buns with these items make a tasty sausage or bacon bap.

Tips for Guests

The busiest times for breakfast is from 9.30 - 10.30. The tables and buffett area will be extermely busy when the accommodation is full.

We really hope you enjoy your breakfast with us.