Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Terry's Travel Tales! Part 1

We've just returned from a fabulous Summer holiday in Spain and I must say Spain is still a great county to visit. The weather was perfect, the people were great and food excellent. Although it did bring me to think about several things when you embark on holiday.
The issue of Airport Parking is still a thorny one. On this occasion we used Easi-Park just on the edge of the Belfast International Airport and we found them very reasonable and secure. We were discussing the pay for pick-up recently introduced and they were telling me that these car park shuttles have to pay around £3 each time they arrive at the collection point. This could go up to £5 before Christmas - Seems seasy money for the Airport.

We flew Jet2.com to Murcia and when we booked we reserved the inflight meal. Dubious abut such food our worries quickly evaporated when the meal arrived. For £7 you get a fresh fruit, beef dinner, bread roll, dessert, cheese and cracker, chocolate and refreshment. Not unlike the old British Airways food. Really enjoyed the meal and the chicken one on the return journey.

On arrival at Murcia Airport, Mary queued for the cases and I went to the hire car. Now hire cars are a whole different story..... There is so much choice at the time of booking - book direct, book thru agent, pay now, pay on arrival. The most confusing thing is insurance. When I collected my key after swiping my card the employee informed me that I didn't have insurance and that I would need to pay another £140 quid otherwise I'd have to pay for any damages - Now this is contary to what I though I had booked. Being is Spain I could really argue - Spanish not great. But I didn't take it. Everything seemed to go fine - no bills yet.

All in All a great holiday, but always nive to drive down Garvary Hill to see the lights of Enniskillen.
PS My 8 year old took the Photo!

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