Thursday, 12 August 2010

Do I need an iPhone???

Over the last number of months many of my friends have been getting iPhones and telling me about how great they are. I've been a loyal Nokia fan for almost 10 years (on O2) and haven't been tempted into the iPhone just yet.
I know if looks cool, hip and trendy. My sister, sister-in-law and neice already have one but are they not just status symbols? My Nokia still allows phone calls, tells the time, surf the web and downloads email.
Let's look at the Advantages:
Brand, Apps, Coolness
What about the Disadvantages;
Large, expensive, too cool for me.

I've always been a PC person and never got into Apple and that maybe a problem I have to overcome.

Interestingly there are now large volumes of business being done on smart phones. The Belmore Court & Motel, Enniskillen has experienced a large increase in mobile visitors to our website which has resulted in a number of booking from the iPhone platform for the 1st time.

Do you have an iPhone? Would you book hotels & holidays on it? Visit our mobile site and let me know what you think.

More importantly - should I buy one?

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  1. As someone who works regulary on a laptop. When I go travelling with my wife, she has a simple rule.... No laptops.

    I can get away with an iPhone though which keeps me in touch with what is going and look for nearby things to do.

    It's also a handy way to keep on top of emails and work flow so when you do get back to the office you are not faced with a nightmare in box.

    In business, people now so more than ever expect other people in business to be 'always connected' and respond to emails in a quick manner, The iPhones handling of emails is fantastic, other smartphones of course can do this as well but the iPhone just seems to package it all up nicely. On top of that you get (with your plan) Free use of the cloud, BTOpenzone and Bitbuzz Wi-Fi networks (dependent if you purchase North or South)