Thursday, 26 September 2013

Belmore Court & Motel Is Up For Recognition

There are some industries where picking upon industry rewards and recognition is par for the course and often little more than a backslapping exercise. However, there are some industries, notably the tourism industry, where being recognised by your peers and leading authorities can be hugely important to a business. This industry, especially in Northern Ireland, is hugely contested and there are a lot of great motels, hotels, B&Bs and accommodations working hard to provide their clients with a friendly service and hospitable welcome. This is why any hotel that is recognised on a regular basis by their peers and industry experts is worth taking note of.

The motel aims to excel on every matter

The Belmore Court & Motel is no stranger to receiving an award for their rooms, service and features but they are not the type of place to rest on their laurels. When it comes to finding a good value enniskillen hotel or guest accommodation, this is an option that is always going to provide value and interest to customers. The Belmore Court & Motel is located in the heart of the town of Enniskillen, which is viewed as being the gateway to the lakes of Fermanagh and to the coastline that runs along the North West of Ireland. This Motel has long been considered as one of the best accommodations to stay in this part of the world and it is has been nominated for three awards in the upcoming Fermanagh Herald Business Awards, which takes place in the Manor House Hotel on Friday the 11th October 2013.
While the Belmore Court & Motel faces stiff opposition in the all three categories it has been nominated for, all of the management and staff are proud that their motel in Enniskillen has been put forward for recognition in three separate categories. In the Best Tourism Service Provider award we are up against The Enniskillen Hotel and the Westville Hotel.
The categories are:
·       Excellence in Marketing Award, sponsored by CaraPharmacy;
The fact that the Fermanagh Motel has been nominated in three separate areas is extremely important to the hotel staff. This is because they know that there are many different strands to running a successful hotel or motel and they believe that they are being recognised in three areas where they have worked hard to provide a strong service to customers.
The heart of the business is the tourism element and the motel welcomes new guests on a daily basis. Whether it’s businessmen and women looking to find reliable Enniskillen accommodation while they host meetings and meet clients or if it’s a family enjoying a well-earned break in the area, there is a need to meet and cater for different needs.

The company knows that there is a need to appeal to clients and to make sure that people know exactly what the hotel has to offer. This is at the heart of the marketing work carried out by the Belmore Court & Motel and the marketing team are extremely honoured to have been nominated in this category. However, no matter what individual teams or departments do, there is a need to provide a comprehensive and overall service and this is why the Belmore Court & Motel is delighted to have been nominated for displaying excellence in business practice.

Industry recognition is always nice to receive but the team at the Belmore Court know that they are only able to be recognised by their peers and local businesses due to the service that is provided to clients and guests on a regular business. In an era when many in the tourism sector are struggling, the Belmore Court & Motel has managed to maintain a high quality of service to all customers. This has helped the motel compete with other Enniskillen hotels and to withstand many of the pressures that are prevalent in the modern day Northern Irish tourism sector.

The whole team are looking forward to the Gala Awards on the 11th of October but whatever the outcome, they look forward to serving guests for many years to come.

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