Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Creative Pay-It-Forward 2013

January is always a difficult month and we wanted to spread some good feeling around. There's a Facebook viral going around at the moment based on the 2000 film with Kevin Spacey "Pay it Forward"

We put a messge on our Facebook page Facebook.com/BelmoreCourt stating that we were willing to give-away FIVE 1 night stays in a Superior Room to fans who were willing to "Pay-It-Forward".

The jist of this idea is that Belmore Court & Motel are paying it forward by giving 5 people the chance of staying in their Motel, those 5 people are then supposed to pay it forward to 5 other people ( not 1 ) it should really be things that those people can't do for themselves or cant afford to do for themselves ( it does not have to be a lot of money ) but should be something that will make a difference to their lives in some way. Those 5 people should then pay it forward to 5 more.

It was great fun responding to all the communications and within minutes we have 5 worthy winners. These are their "Pay-It-Forwards".....

Sharon E Rooney is paying if forward by by organising a collection jar at work, for her and her colleagues to put any spare change etc and dontaing the money she raises to make a wish foundation. She is also making 4 additional delicious cheese cakes for 4 other people who are going to pay-it-forward.

Emma Marley is going to give the night to her sister and bake four yummy pavlovas for her facebook friends that pay-it-forward. She might even do one for us.

Samantha Baker-Read is going to pay it forward by giving it to my mum and dad who have 8 children 13 grandchildren and in 34years never had a night in a hotel!!

Lynsey McCracken will pay it forward by making a paella for first 5 facebook friends to reply and then ay-it forward

Bronagh Keenan wIll crochet 5 things for 5 of her facebok friends who replied to her status 
and then pay-it-forward.

NOTE: Sharon then contacted us to say "I will give my stay to leeanne, I know her and know that her mum is very ill at the minute and I think that she deserves this more than me. I will still carry out my pay it forward though."

We got some great comments and suggestions but we loved this one from Margaret who didn't even win...
"thank you so much for doing this belmore court, as your publicity will probably give it legs, there a few different versions of this going on and i was having difficulty getting people to sign up to one, it's a great idea .. and the movies of the original amazing - if you haven't seen do try to"

There's still time for the rest of you guys to stay with us as part of the winter sale with rooms from £39/night. Click here to check availability....

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