Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Friendly Fermanagh

Part of the Mission of the Belmore Court & Motel is to make the guest our number 1 priority. All our team try their very best to ensure we achieve this mission. A couple of weeks ago two members of our reception team looked after some Californian guests and they put pen to paper for the local newspaper....

From the Letters page of the Fermanagh Herald.

Please print this because the people of your lovely town need to know that their effortless kindness and friendliness shall be recognised whenever and wherever I tell this story.

On 18 August, 2011 whilst touring the Upper Lough Erne by a hire boat my brother took a terrible tumble attempting to tie up at the public mooring at Tully Castle. We knew immediately he was injured and while he still had his senses we were able to get him back aboard the boat and to the Carrick Craft mooring that had road access.

His injuries were such that we decided to call emergency services for an ambulance. That is when we met Richard and Michael from the ambulance. These two men were faced with moving a 300 plus lb man, in great pain, through a narrow pilot house door and onto their gurney then on to the ambulance. These men worked with such confidence and professionalism in very difficult circumstances all the while keeping up a positive and jovial banter.

Upon arrival at the hospital my brother was treated immediately and X-rays determined that no bones were broken. The nurse in charge was Emma, Michael’s wife, continued the theme of concern and positiveness in my brothers care. She even made the extra effort to guide us to The Belmore Court Hotel as a safe and soft landing zone for three very traumatised travelers.

When we arrived at the Belmore we met Una and Michelle who made everything easy and comfortable. Negotiating the price downward for us under the extreme circumstances and attending to our every need, of which there were many. The following morning these two delightful women arranged transportation for us to recover the boat at the Carrick Craft mooring and assured us that my brother would be well cared for in our absence. This gave us the confidence to leave my brother in their care and proceed on to the boat.

At Carrick Craft we were assisted by the staff in preparing the boat for departure and, shorthanded as we were, moved the boat back to Enniskillen where again we were aided
by your citizens in landing at Broad Meadow mooring.

Tired though we were, my friend Linda and I, repaired to the brilliant and warm fellowship of Blakes for the evening while my brother continued his convalescence at the Belmore. The next morning we again with the aid and helpfulness of Una and Michelle moved my brother back to the boat and continued our journey.

I feel that the people of your friendly town should be recognised for their kindness to three travellers from California who, without their efforts, would have had a significantly diminished experience. Our trip was greatly enhanced and enriched by our time in Enniskillen and restorative of our faith in man and Ireland in general. We shall never
forget you all and our thanks, gratitude and appreciation shall never be forgotten by ourselves and as Una put it so lovingly, by the wee little man in room 142.

Best to all,

Paul Mooney,

Santa Cruz, California

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