Thursday, 21 July 2011

How do managers protect their Hotels?

Over the last number of years for a number of reasons we have had to introduce a credit card preauthorisation policy at the Belmore Court & Motel. Thankfully 99% of people respect their hotel bedroom and pay their bill before they leave.
Unfortunately a few people have caused damage or noise distrubance to other guests - although we try to deal with this as best we can at the time of a compliant the better thing to do is to try and avoid these problems happening at all. The way some people have left their room is disgraceful.

At the Belmore Court & Motel we have invested £2.5 million in our new rooms and are looking at investing £150,000 in our standard rooms over the next 12 months. we need to ensure that we protect these rooms and avoid any disturbances to other guests.

In 2006 we introduced a credit card preauthorisation policy to help reduce these situations. Many other Hotels around the world have a similar policy. This involves;
  • A credit or debit card number should be provided when booking the room. This card may be pre authorised for the first nights stay and/or and address check verified. A confirmation email or letter will be sent stating the booking details and terms and conditions.
  • Our standard cancellation terms are 3pm - 2 days prior to the day of arrival. This means that if you have booked for a Friday night; There will be no cancellation fee if you cancel before 3pm on Wednesday. Any cancellation after this time or a non arrival would mean the first nite will be charged for and the booking released.
  • On arrival a swipe of the credit/debit card is required to preauthorise and amount for the balance owing, plus £50 for any additional charges - telephone, breakfast, noise, damage, etc. At this stage nothing has been debitied from card but a hold has been placed for this amount. This may result in you being unable to access this amount for the 5-7 working days. it may also show on your statment.
  • Only on checkout do we complete the credit/debit card for the final amount after discussing it with the card holder.
  • For those people who do not have or use a credit/debit card we can accept a cash deposit for the same value which is returned on checkout.
These procedures have helped reduce the number of complaints from guests regarding noise and disturbances from other guests. There have been very few instances where we have had to charge additional costs to these preauthorisations for any problems arising.

We are committed to ensuring that our guests have a safe and enjoyable stay and that all guests should respect the rooms and are staff.

If you have any comments about the above it's would be great to hear them/

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