Sunday, 9 May 2010

Which side of the bed?

Our first major competition on the Belmore Court & Motel facebook fan page proved a major success. More than 75 entries tagged or commented on which side of the bed they preferred.
About 3/4 of entrants were female and they were evenly split between both sides of the bed. The men prefered the righthand side. Quite a few didn't really care but just wanted to enter the competition.
The beds in the new Belmore Court Superior & Executive rooms at high quality are made by Respa (Kelletts) in Oldcastle. The doubles at 6ft x 6ft 6", the singles are 3ft x 6ft 6".
A number of male partners don't really have a choice of which side they sleep on!!!!. Children also seem to end up in these beds with parents.
Congratulations to Michelle Thompson who won the competition.

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